ABEGHYAN Manuk was born on March 17, 1865, in the village of Astapat (now in Tazakend, in  Babek region of Nakhichevan). Philologist, linguist, literary critic. Doctor in philosophical (1898) and philological  (1935) sciences, Professor (1926). Academician of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences (1943). Honored figure of science (1935). Father of M. and S. Abeghyans. He studied at Gevorgyan Seminary in Echmiadzin, 1876-85, and in the Universities of Jena, Leipzig, Berlin, Paris, 1893-98. Abeghyan was a lecturer and one of the founders of Yerevan State University (1923-25). He was the dean of the Faculty of Historiography and head of the chair. His name is connected to the development of a new stage of classical Armenian studies. Abeghyan is the founder of Armenian new Philology. 

   In 1886, he wrote the new version of the novel “Daredevils of Sassoun” (David and Mher”, 1889) and carried out his first professional research (“National novel”, 1889-1890). Later, based on the novel’s new record, Abeghyan created the classic theory of “Daredevils of Sassoun” (“The Armenian epic poem”, 1908). Abeghyan restored the whole system of ancient Armenian mythology and folk beliefs and founded the new scientific theory of the Armenian mythology (“Armenian Folk Belief”, “Armenian Folk Myths in the “History of Armenia” by Khorenatsi, 1899). Based on the above mentioned works Abeghyan wrote a fundamental study of “Armenian epic folklore” (published in 1966,”Yerker”, volume 1). He developed the scientific theory of the Armenian old and new  lyrical poetry and established the scientific textual criticism of the Armenian folklore. With the help of K. Melik-Ohanjanyan he published the scientific  edition of “Daredevils of Sassoun” (volume 1-2, 1936-51). Abeghyan touched upon the origin of Armenian literature, the development of Armenian literary thought and education, history (“History of Old Armenian Literature”) (volume 1-2, 1944-46).  From 1910, Abeghyan was engaged in research of the prosody of the Armenian poetry. (“The Armenian Language Prosody”,1933).

  Abeghyan has a great contribution in the studies of the Armenian language, particularly in the field of scientific research of the Eastern Armenian. (“Syntax of Ashkharabar", 1912, "Theory of the Armenian language", 1931). Abeghyan is the founder of the new Armenian orthography.

   He was engaged in the scientific publication of prominent literary monuments. Abeghyan died on September 25, 1944. The Institute of Literature of NAS RA and school №3 in Armenia were named after him. 

Source - "Who is Who. The Armenians" Encyclopedia, Volume I, chief-editor Hovh. Ayvazyan, Yerevan, 2007.



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