AGHBALYAN Nicole was born on March 24, in 1873 in Tbilisi. An Armenian public and political figure, literary critic and pedagogue. Graduated from the Nersisyan school of Tbilisi and Gevorgyan Seminary of Echmiatsin. Studied at Moscow Academy of Sciences and the Paris Sorbonne University. He taught at schools in Kaghzvan, Shushi and Tiflis. From the beginning of the First World War (1914-18) he became the executive member of the national bureau, then the member of the board. Later he became the  member of volunteer regiments and was engaged in the transfer issues of the Armenian refugees.  He was the member of the National Assembly in 1918-20. In 1919 Aghbalyan was appointed as a minister of culture and enlightenment.

Aghbalyan was the member of Vernatun and Writer’s Union of Armenia. He worked at the periodicals “Murtch”, “Horizon”, “Nor Hosanq”, “Handes amsorya” etc and was the aesthetic follower of the Russian revolutionary democrats. Aghbalyan’s works touched upon the Armenian and Russian literature, issues of the Armenian language etc.  (“Memoires of the philologist”, 1937-38, “Literary-critical works” 1959, “With Sayat- Nova”, 1966, “History of the Armenian Literature”, 1944, “Complete works”, volume 1-4, 1959-1970). 

After the establishment of Soviet power, in 1921, Aghbalyan was first imprisoned and then exiled from Soviet Armenia. From 1930 he lived in Beirut was the director of the Nshan Palanjian seminary. Aghbalyan died on August 15, in 1947 in Beirut.  

In 1991, ARF "Nikol Aghbalyan" Student Union was established in Yerevan, secondary school № 19 and ARF groups abroad  were named after him. 


Source - "Who is Who. The Armenians" Encyclopedia, Volume I, chief-editor Hovh. Ayvazyan, Yerevan, 2007.

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