Arazi (Harutunyan Movses) was born on April 1, 1878 in the village of Shulaver (now district Shahumyan in Georgia). Armenian writer. He studied at the realistic school of Tiflis, in 1899 he entered Saint-Petersburg Institute of Technology. 1901–05 Arazi participated in student demonstrations and was arrested. In 1906 he returned Tiflis. Arazi wrote short stories (“The single Lamp”, 1912, “The Last Dream”, 1912,  “The Sun”, 1913,  “Bloody Flowers”, 1916). The short stories of 1920-1930 reflect the forming of the individual of that time (“Commrade Mukouch”,  1924,  “Thousand-headed” ,  1931,  “Through Moon rays”, 1932,  “In the Glare of Fall”,  1933. The historical-revolutionary novel “The burning Horizon” (1940) is dedicated to student and workers’ movements. During the Great Patriotic War  (1941–45)  the collection of short stories  "The Call of the Motherland" (1942)  and “The Invincibles”  (1944) as well as the historical novel “Israel Ori” (book 1-3, 1959–63) were published in the post war period. He also used the pseudonym Fernando.

Arazi died on December 22, 1964, in Yerevan.


Source - "Who is Who. The Armenians" Encyclopedia, Volume I, chief-editor Hovh. Ayvazyan, Yerevan, 2007.

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