AIVAZOVSKY Gabriel was born on May 10, in 1812 in  Theodosia. An Armenian pedagogue, philologist, historian, translator,  religious and public figure. Brother of H. Ayvazovsky. Studied at the parochial school of Theodosia, then, at the Catholic theological school of Gharasubazar. In 1826 he moved to Venice and studied at Mkhitaryan Congregation, became its member in 1830 and archbishop in 1871. From 1830 G. Aivazovsky became the general secretary of the congregation. In 1842-48 he taught at Murad Rafaelian collage, in 1848-56 at Samuel Moorat College in Paris, participated in the foundation of Haykazyan Collage of Paris.

In 1843-48 Ayvazovsky became the first founder-editor of the Armenian journal "Bazmavep” and editor-publisher of the journal  "Masyats Aghavni” in 1856-65. In 1858-67 he became the leader of Nor Nakhichevan and Bessarabia Diocese and the Armenian Diocese in Georgia in 1876-80. In 1858 Ayvazovsky founded Khalibyan College of Theodosia. His works are on history, religion, theology. He is also the author of numerous textbooks. G. Ayvazovsky spoke twelve languages, did many translations from Armenian into Italian, including the works of Movses Khorenatsi and Agatangeghos.

G.  Ayvazovsky died on April 8, in 1880 in Tiflis. 

Source - "Who is Who. The Armenians" Encyclopedia, Volume I, chief-editor Hovh. Ayvazyan, Yerevan, 2007.



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