KAMSARAKAN Tigran was born in 1866 in Constantinople. An Armenian writer, founder of Western Armenian realistic literature.  He finished Aramyan school of Constantinople in 1884. Kamsarakan’s articles were published in the periodicals “Luys”, “Girakan sharzhum”, “Arevelk” under the nichnames Ovkite, Asegh, Net, Pyunik, Haykak, etc.  The first realistic novel of Kamsarakan “Teacher’s daughter” was published in 1888. In the novellas “Haro”, “Hovkul”, “Nut shell” the author depicted the social, political and psychological roots of human alienation, outlined the ways to overcome them. 

In 1895 Kamsarakan moved to Egypt and along with chronicles the “Heroic” and “Necessary pass” he wrote the novellas “Stolen pleasure”, “Coal place”, “The wounded glory” etc. In 1910 he wrote the drama “Ransom” that was staged in Egypt, Constantinople, Baku, Paris.  

In his articles he defended the ideas of realism and democracy. From 1919 he lived in Paris. In 1924 Kamsarakan gave 2 thousand British gold to ASSR Government for annual literary award. 

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