KAPUTIKYAN Silva (Sirvard) was born on January 20, 1919, in Yerevan. Poet, public figure, publicist. NAS RA Academician (1994). Honored Worker of Culture (1970), Honored Worker of Culture of Georgia (1980). Mother of A. Shiraz. She graduated from Moscow State University (1941), higher courses of Moscow Institute of Gorky (1950).

The collection of poems ("Two conversations"), then a collection "With the Days" (1945) that reflected the  main themes of her poetry - the homeland and love were published in 1944. She touched upon the historical destiny of the Armenian people, their  faith in future in the collections "On the shore of Zangi" 1947, "This is my country", 1949 "My relatives", 1951, "A Frank Conversation", 1955, "Good luck," 1957), in the poem "Reflections on halfway "(1961),"in the series " They said to be", (1961), "Sultry station" (1966)," Deep inside the mountain "(1972). In the love poems written in different years, Kaputikyan depicted the image of the Armenian women true to her nature. 

Love poetry of Kaputikyan emerged from personal suffering, and then  being generalized reached an impersonation of universal human feelings. In 1962-63, in 1973 she visited the Armenian communities of the Diaspora and wrote the travel essays "Caravans are still on the way" (1964), "Mosaic of colors and soul map" (1976), "My path on the road of the world" (2002). The national image and civil courage are revealed in Kaputikyan’s poetry and political essays  (collections "My time. Political essays and travel notes," 1979 "Pages from Enclosed Boxes", 1997). Kaputikyan’s travel essays are important for national cohesion, for the preservation and development of internal spiritual ties of the Armenian Diaspora. She touched upon relevant and important questions of the time, including the issue of Artsakh liberation struggle.

Kaputikian is also the author of poems for children  (collections "Listen, little Ara" 1948 "In the House, in the Yard, in the Street", 1953, "Flower Garden", 1984, "Two sisters" 1988).

She wrote the drama "And you, Brutus?" (1976). She also translated the works of  Y. Rainis, I. Grishashvili, I. Noneshvili, M. Shahinyan, M. Tsvetaeva, P. Tychyna. 

Kaputikyan was awarded Prize after A. Isahakyan (1983), USSR State Prize (1952), Armenian SSR State Prize (1988), pan-Armenian “Vahagn” prize (2003). 

Deputy of the Armenian SSR Supreme Council (1975-80). 

S. Kaputikyan died on August 25, in 2006.

Source - "Who is Who. The Armenians" Encyclopedia, Volume I, chief-editor Hovh. Ayvazyan, Yerevan, 2007.

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