Katcha (Khachatryan) Vahe was born on April 1, 1928 in Damascus. Armenian writer. Wrote in French. He received his primary education in Beirut. In 1945 Katcha left for Paris, attended filmmaking courses for three years. He is the author of the novels “The cigarette butts left from Sunday” (1953), “Eye for an Eye” (1955, Arm. Publication 1956, was awarded Rivarol prize in 1957),  “The Hook” (1957, Arm. Publication 1958), “Compressed fists” (1958), “The 8th day of Lord” (1960, Arm. Publication “Literary magazine” , 1965, № 40-43), “Feast of Predators” (1960, Arm. Publication “Literary magazine”, 1967, 41. 49-52, 1968, 1-2), “Ship of monkeys” (1966), “Death of the Jew” (1968), “"A man fell into the street."” (1975), “Noise, that was heard” (1979), etc. In the novel “A dagger in the garden” (1981, Arm. Publication 1999) he described the events in the Western Armenia, the life of Constantinople Armenians starting from Hamidian massacres until Genocide. Katcha was also a journalist and wrote many scripts. For the reports “There is no pity towards the blind” and “People suffering from cancer” he was awarded Pelman press award. Some works of Katcha were screened. 

Vahe Katcha died on 14 January, 2003 in Paris.



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