On November 18-19, the Armenian Educational and Cultural Society "Hamazgayin" in cooperation with the Yerevan State University organized an international conference on "The Problems of Contemporary Armenian Language".

RA Minister of Education and Science, Armen Ashotyan, delivered his welcoming speech at the conference. According to him, the Armenian language is one of the most influential among 50 languages in the world. In his speech Ashotyan touched the complex linguistic problems of the Armenian language, in particular, Western Armenian. Then YSU Rector Aram Simonyan delivered his speech. He particularly stressed the importance of professional studies of Armenian Study areas and advised not to pay attention to the details, but to hold large discussions and include the issues of the Armenian history too. RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan also delivered her speech. She began the report with an historical overview of the Armenian language, touched upon the conference organized by the Institute of language named after H. Atcharyan on the rapprochement of the Armenian language, stressing that the number of such conferences is increasing in favor of our national interests.

The chairman of the "Hamazkayin" Society in Lebanon, Mkrtich Mkrtchyan, represented the process of the development of languages in his report. He expressed concerns about the teaching of Western and Eastern Armenian. He also spoke about the confusing phenomena occurring during the translation from the Eastern Armenian to Western Armenian. Chairman of the "Hamazkayin" Society of Armenia Lilit Galstyan expressed her gratitude for the cooperation with YSU. 

Anahit Tonapetyan from Diaspora represented the challenges to preserve the language within the diaspora in her speech. Then the teacher of the Armenian gymnasium in Montreal, Sonia Kilechyan, expressed concern about the usage of the Armenian language as a mother tongue, rather than as a cultural heritage. Kilichyan introduced daily and weekly programs of schools and children's attitude towards the Armenian language.

Professor of teacher training department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, Suren Danielyan, expressed its concern about the low level of teaching Western Armenian in the professional sphere. Professor of the YSU Department of Diaspora, Hakob Cholakyan, explained some of the features of classical orthography, especially the classic rules of writing "է" and "ե", suggesting that any modern change will be the result of a unanimous decision. 

Summing up the conference, the chairmen of the session promised to represent the suggestions on the state level noting that the development and regulation of the Armenian language is in favor of all the Armenians.


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