The new collection of Garegin Njdeh’s literary works were published and the presentation of the book took place in YSU Faculty of History. The literary works of Garegin Njdeh were first published in 2003 and includes the verses and prose published in Transcaucasian press in 1910-1918. This is the full collection of Garegin Njdeh’s literary heritage, which covers the period of 1903-1919 as it also includes more than forty new works that are kept in St. Lazarus Island, Venice.  The copies of them that can hardly be differentiated from the original ones, were provided by the member of Mkhitaryan Unity, Father Vahan Ohanyan, who is the editor of the collection too. 

“It is necessary to speak about the devotees of Armenian people like Garegin Njdeh for patriotic education and for the creation of worthy future. The traits of a leader, devotee of his motherland, great individual are combined in his character”, - said the Dean of YSU Faculty of History Edik Minasyan greeting those presents.

Rafael Hambardzumyan who made the collection, described the works of Njdeh by Njdeh’s words in his speech calling them “owning of the native land” (hayrenatirakan- հայրենատիրական). “In my opinion, Njdeh is the author of a new style prose: prose that is also a verse and had its influence on the Armenian Literature, particularly on the works of Shiraz, Sevak, and on the number of Western Armenian writers’ works”, - noted Rafael Hambardzumyan. Njdeh (Garegin Ter-Harutyunyan) was born on 1 January 1886 in the village of Kznut, Nakhchivan. Pseudonym Njdeh first appeared in 1903 in his verses. He wrote not only verses and prose, but odes, funeral orations and other works as well. 


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