Amalia Khachatryan: "Similarities in Armenian and Swedish Articles - Accidental?" Anaid Donabedian-Demopoulos: "Armenian Dialects Database and Its Relevance for Areal Lingustics" Yurie Avetisyan: "Some Problems of Codification of Modern Literary Armenian"
Sargis Harutyunyan: "Manuk Abeghyan and the Initiation and development of New thinking Mode in Armenology" Aelita Dolukhyan: "The Contemporary Validity of French Armenologist Saint-Martin’s Masterpiece" Zhenya Kalantaryan: "The Cognitive Significance of Contemporary Armenian Literature"



On October 17 the plenary session of Second International Congress on Armenian Studies “Armenian Studies and the Challenges of Modern Times” took place. The reports dedicated to the Armenian Literature were presented on October 17 and 18. The chairpersons of the sessions were Sergey Sarinyan, Zhenya Kalantaryan and Avetik Isahakyan. Sargis Harutyunyan in his report “Manuk Abeghyan and the Initiation and development of New thinking Mode in Armenology” presented M. Abeghyan’s research in the following fields: Armenian folklore, old and new history of Armenian Literature, grammar and prosody of the Armenian language. Aelita Dolukhyan’s report referred the contemporary validity of French armenologist Saint-Martin’s masterpiece. She spoke about Saint-Martin’s capital work “Memoirs of Armenian history and geography, where the author represents the peculiarities of Armenian geography in details using not only Armenian but also Greek and Persian sources. The author also mentions about Kharabakh that was never dependant neither on Turkey nor Persia. Thus, according to the reporter this work is a mighty tool for the clarification of current political situation. Abraham Teryan, Zhenya Kalantaryan, Samvel Muradyan, Lilit Safrastyan were among the reporters. 

 The reports concerning Linguistics were presented on October 17-19. Yuri Avetisyan’s report “Some problems of codification of Modern Literary Armenian” referred to substantial shifts of codification in phonetics, morphological, systematic structures and vocabulary of the Armenian language. And Anahit Donabedian-Demopoulos spoke about research program Languages, dialects and isologosses in the Caucasus-Iran-Anatolia area in her report “Armenian Dialects Database and its relevance for areal linguistics”. Meline Karakashian, Armen Sargsyan, Amalia Khachatryan and others also delivered their reports. 

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